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Your Attorney - One of Your Best Assets

As you move through the various stages of your life, remember that you have a valuable resource - your attorney. Your attorney is a highly trained and valuable resource for whatever your issue may be. You should contact your attorney in the event of:

-An engagement or marriage -Birth/adoption of a child o

r grandchild -Purchase of a new home -Opening or expanding a business -Change or loss of job -Separation or divorce -Death of a close family member -Sudden illness or tragic loss of a loved one -Sudden financial inheritance or windfall

At Sperring Law Firm, it is our aim to serve our clients respectfully, with compassion, and good judgment. We strive to provide practical solutions that always emphasize our client’s financial wellbeing. If you need legal assistance, our firm will be pleased to meet with you for a free half hour consultation. You may discuss with us any field of law. If we decide we cannot handle your case after the first half hour, we will direct you to someone we think is qualified to represent you. Our firm has represented clients in the following areas of law:

-Civil Litigation -Commercial Litigation -Collections/Foreclosures -Real Estate -Personal Injury -Family Law -Estate Planning

We traditionally handle matters in Pennsylvania state and federal courts. However, we have handled matters in other jurisdictions by special arrangement. As you seek financial security for yourself and your loved ones, you want help along the way. Sperring Law Firm can help you determine your personal objectives and how to achieve them. Please contact Sperring Law Firm, LLC today at 484-250-9058,, or visit us at to find out how we can help you.

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