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Business Consulting

Business Meeting

Mergers and Acquisitions

We can help your business whether you are looking to grow or sell. Sperring Law Firm can help you negotiate letters of intent, purchase agreements for both stock and asset sales, financing, license agreements, leases, and purchases of new properties. The Firm will also coordinate with your lender to assist you with executing the necessary documents to obtain financing. 



Sperring Law Firm can assist your business negotiate and draft a variety of different contracts. These contracts include: independent contractor agreements, employment agreements, supplier/vendor contracts, and customer contracts. The Firm can also help negotiate security agreements and agreements for the sale of goods governed by the Uniform Commercial Code.


Corporate Documents

Our Firm can help you create a new business from the ground up, or help you ensure that you have the right corporate documents to protect you and your business. Sperring Law Firm can draft your partnership/operating agreement, by-laws, shareholder and board of director agreements, and further help your business draft its internal policies and procedures. The goal is to make sure your company has the documents it needs in place in order to provide liability protection for you and the business. 


Consumer Protection

If you do business with individual customers then odds are that your service is governed by the Pennsylvania Unfair Trade Practices and Consumer Protection Law ("UTPCPL"). The UTPCPL creates a myriad of claims that consumers can bring against businesses for unfair and deceptive business practices. What's more, is that the UTPCPL also provides consumers an avenue to collect their actual damages plus triple damages and attorneys fees. Sperring Law Firm can review your agreements and business practices to help your business avoid a costly consumer protection claim. 

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