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Real Estate

Private Property

Agreements of Sale

If you are buying or selling a commercial or residential property, a written agreement of sale is absolutely necessary. Pennsylvania law does not recognize oral agreements for the transfer of real property. Sperring Law Firm can help. We will work with you and your agent to make sure the agreement of sale clearly identifies what property and additions are included in the sale, the contingencies that are included and their scope, and how any disputes will be resolved. A good agreement of sale is vital to any residential or commercial sale, and we can assist you during this process.


Commercial and Residential Leases

Sperring Law Firm has negotiated, drafted, and litigated numerous commercial and residential leases. The Firm can help you identify the issues that more often arise, and work to address those problems in the lease. Whether your business owns property, or rents, you need a lease that clearly identifies things such as who is responsible for repairs to the property, maintenance of common areas, taxes, insurance, default procedures for nonpayment of rent, and several other common issues that arise between landlords and tenants. 



No matter how diligent the parties in a transaction are, mistakes can be made or new problems can be discovered right as closing is set to occur. Sperring Law Firm will attend closing with you and your business to provide assistance at a critical time. Whether you need us to negotiate last second credits to the purchase price, simply fix clerical errors, or even rush to court to file petitions to enforce an agreement of sale, Sperring Law Firm can help you with your deal right up to the end.



Once you own your property, one of the most important things you need is insurance. Sperring Law Firm has litigated insurance claims and can help you review your policy documents to ensure your property is protected. The worst place a new property owner can find itself is stuck with a property that is damaged, repairs are too costly to afford, and then is told by the insurance company that the issue is not covered. We can work with your business to attempt to avoid that outcome.

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